The Grapes Varieties

In Alsace, The wines have the name of the grape and they must be bottled in the region of origin.
All the senses are stimulated: a slender bottle, fruity and typical aroma delight for the taste buds. This unique range is completed by dry, sweet, ample, spicy wines.


It’s a fresh and light wine with subtle fruit aromas. It’s pleasant, thirst-quenching with a beautiful vivacity. We can drink it with seafood, fish, snail, quiche, pie and eggs.

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Pinot Blanc

Soft, delicate and fresh, it represents the middle of the Alsatian wines range. We can pair it with seafood, sushi, chicken, salad.

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It’s the most fragile; it represents 2.3% of the vineyard. Its fruity style is inimitable, and very different to the sweet muscat from the south of France, with a dry character.
We have the delicious feeling to crunch in fresh grapes. It’s perfect in aperitif or with asparagus.

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The Riesling is the king grape in Alsace, the most famous, it represents 22% of the Vineyard.
Dry, racy, fruity, it gives a bouquet with a beautiful delicacy. This gourmet wine is matchless with fish, see-food, and white-meat and of course sauerkraut.

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Pinot Gris

The Pinot Gris develops opulence and a characteristic flavor. Long in mouth, round with a lush aspect it represents some complex aroma of undergrowth slightly smoky. It will be excellent with white-meat, roast and offal and also in aperitif.

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It is the grape variety the most famous in Alsace. Voluptuous, with an intense bouquet, it develops some fruit, flower and spicy aroma. Powerful and seductive, sometimes sweet, it’s perfect in aperitif, with exotic or salt/sweet cook, cheese and dessert. For special occasions it is sublime with foie gras.

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Pinot Noir

The only red grape in Alsace, and which is used to produce red wine with a typical fruity character. It is also vinified as a rose that has a lightness which can be paired with summer grills.
When vinified as a red wine and sometimes in oak barrels, the structure is more complex. This original wine style can go well with red meat, game, lamb, beef. …

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