Our Labels : HVE 3 + AB

Out of passion and respect for nature, our Winegrowers are committed to a greener and more respectful agriculture.


High Environmental Value Level 3

  In 2019, our winery Cave du Vieil Armand obtained the label of High Environmental Value Level 3 : it’s a guarantor of a sustainable conduct into the vineyard. First it encourages biodiversity and preserving the soil in order to maintain living and fertility of vineyard plots. It develops also a positive synergies between natural environments of the crops and enhancing development of a useful wildlife. This certification is officially supervised by French public authorities.

  The HEV Level 3 is :

  • The highest level of an environmental certification.
  • A rewarding sustanaible conduct that we leaded.
  • A promise of a virtuous agriculture that is both autonomous and in harmony with soil, water and air.
  • A recognition of the hard-work of our winegrower families committed to a healthy and sustainable practices.
  • Integrating and developing more biodiversity into our vineyards.
  • Limiting at most all inputs (like phytosanitary products, fertilizers, etc) but also saving our natural resources (energy etc).

  Our High Environmental Value Level 3 certification vineyard plots are based on principles of agro-ecology. Our winegrowers are using all functionalities of each ecosystem in order to allow the fauna to protect their own crops but at the same time to obtain more fertile soils. The natural elements are used wisely thanks to their capacity of renewal (green manures, agroforestry). Our certified vineyards ensure to protect more our environment such as reducing greenhouse gases.


Organic Agriculture

Talents that express themselves... an Earth that respects itself... a wine that is shared !

 Because we all have a role to play to prepare the future, the Cave du Vieil Armand is engaged ! We have always taken great care of our Earth, Men, the environment and the flora and fauna around us. This conversion to Organic Agriculture started more than 6 years ago with some of our convinced, committed and passionate wine growers. In order to encourage biodiversity and microbial life in our vineyards, we have an abundant plantation of trees and plants as well as an installation of beehives, nesting boxes for birds and bats. Eco-pasturing is also part of the process thanks to flocks of sheep during the winter. You will find them on our labels of the BIO range...

  Our first harvest officially certified as Organic Agriculture FR-BIO-01 dates from September 2020. Three certified cuvees were born from it : Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer. In order to value the work of the winegrowers in organic conversion and to support their values, the cuvee “Happy”, a blend of Pinot-Gris and Riesling, has also been elaborated. By 2023, our organic plots will represent more than half of our vineyard...

What is Organic Agriculture?

  Organic production follows strict specifications, very controlled and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union. In order to qualify for the label, the vineyard must be worked without chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides in order to preserve the natural balance of the soil, the plant and the entire ecosystem present. In addition, our winegrowers can use homeopathic preparations such as wicker or horsetail teas and essential oil concentrates to fight against diseases. To counteract weeds, which could compete with the vine, the creation of a "vicia sativa" is used to smother them. In order to improve the fertility of our soils, root mustard and incarnate clover are used. Finally, the grinding of the cover crop provides humus which helps to protect and maintain a good humidity in case of heat wave. We also use the lunar calendar to know the fruit, leaf or root days.